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Mar. 11th, 2010

i see what you did there



I have not been online in several days because of this game.

It's fantastic.

That is all.

Mar. 8th, 2010



Tonight was amazing. The today was kind of suck, I had a migraine and people wouldn't shut up, but the EVENING WAS FANTABULOUS.

The main highlight was the art show, in which I am normally shunted to the side and stay in my little germophobic bubble of "er... yeah, it's... it's art... sorta..."
But no! I had put my stuff next to Berlin, so we had fun talking back at forth, and I actually felt like a participating member of society when strangers came up and complimented my stuff... This one lady, who I don't know, but desperately want to, came up and started talking to me like an adult-- we sidetracked into the finer points of the Chinese calendar, and when I knew that it was the year of the Tiger, she was like "Right you are! Good girl!" I felt like flailing around in joy. [It's probably bad that I have to get confidence boosts and atta-girls from random strangers, but I don't care.]
Also, the Drafting teacher at my school-- whose class I callously switched out of, by the way-- approached me with an offer to buy one of my pieces. It was mine of the four that were put on the flyer for the show... Anyway, I have noooo idea how much to ask for, since Berlin is like "60! YOU MATTED IT, MAKE HIM PAAAAY", but I'm thinking more about the $45 dollar mark, since it's... small, and... I, uh, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. o _o;; Halp pl0x???/
I also got a lot of compliments about my knee-high white Chucks, AMIRITE WHOO

It's. Kinda fucking amazing. I love the texture, I love the pattern, I love it all. It's a teensy bit big for me, and it's practically floor length, but I don't mind not showing off my legs, hell no. XD I can also accessorize, now, too, now that I know the exact colors and whatnot... <3
Anyway, it's really revealing. Like, pretty much backless, and it has a really deep neckline... my dad seemed unsure if he approved, and he should know by now that I'm only going to enjoy wearing it more because of that. Heheh.

ALSO: I fiiiinally got the Taking Back Sunday CD-- Louder Now--that I ordered in the mail! Booyes! I lovelovelooove this album, and I'm so happy to own it. Plus, as an added bonus, Anduru bought the Jennifer's Body OST, and he let me have a copy, so I am just stuffed full of epic music!

And, interestingly enough, Viper has reserved FFXIII. Buuut, she already knows she's going to be busy playing other games, and will probably not play it immediately... and she knows I lust for the yuri subtexts [THANK YOU, DEOKIO, I AM NOW INTRIGUED BY THIS GAME <3 ] so she's already clearly said that once she gets it, I get to borrow it immediately. HELL YES.

The interwebs are also being kind to me tonight. I'm in a great mood, and I feel really good about myself, as egobitchy as that sounds.

So! Much love to everyone! <3 You guys are the best~

Last-Minute Meme Goodness!Collapse )

Mar. 6th, 2010



Man, I'm tiiiired... D'X

Yeah, we had another huge sleepover last night. xD It was great: Viper, Foamy, Berlin, Anduru, even Butterfly and Egg. We played obscene amounts of Pokemon, watched scary movies, and ate junk food. It was a classic good time, and I think everyone had a lot of fun.

Other than that, not much has been going on. I've got a bunch of books to return to the library, post-haste... also, Monday starts the high school art show, in which I have several pieces. I'm... not excited. I dislike art shows. I don't hold up well under scrutiny. That's why I freaking love deviantART. I can submit my art, and if someone likes it, or wants to tell me about it, they can do it, but it's not to my face. I don't have to look them in the eye. Ugh, I'm so unsociable, but I feel like a lot of it comes from the fact that only rich, conservative old people attend the art shows... and if I have to explain SHIT to anyone about my art, I will CHOKE A BITCH, MAKO TSUNAMI STYLE.

I drove home from the sleepover in my PJ's. <3 I felt so furi kuri. I also spent about three to four hours chomping my way through L4D2. My eyes buuuurn.

Anyway, things are going well. I'm having a good time in my online classes... nothing too spectacular going on, but it's fun. I have an Xbox friend who also values the important of actually doing your work in Journalism, so that's awesome.

There was something that kind of bothered me, about the sleepover. I spent the night on the couch, with Berlin... which, naturally, was like some kind of cuddly dream from another dimension, because we giggled and compared our friends to Lion King characters, and I couldn't have been happier, but, anyway...
In the morning, Anduru told me that Berlin's mom wasn't happy about us sleeping on the same couch. Because he's a boy, he's not allowed to sleep in the same room with any of us (despite being gay), and apparently, Berlin's mom was displeased that I had slept in the same room as the rest of the girls, because I'm a lesbian. According to Berlin, in the past, she's said that no bi or lesiban girls could sleep over in the same room as her / other girls. And, while I respect her wanting to keep her house from turning into an orgy den, it kind of hurt. I mean, I'm not mortally offended, but it still stung. I'm not a promiscuous girl. If anything, I'm a bit of a prude.
Ber was actually kind of pissed off about it. She's very much for gay rights and whatnot, and she called her mom a homophobic bitch. If I sleep over again, I don't know what I'm going to do: Berlin seems to want to stand up to her mom about it, on the premise that she can sleep wherever she wants, and her friends aren't sluts, but I don't want to cause friction between her and her mother.
This is confusing. Her mom hasn't said anything yet about not wanting Berlin and I to go to prom together, since she just seemed happy that Ber was going at all... but you'd think if she really was uncomfortable with having her daughter hang around lesbians, she'd try and get her to go to prom with a dude.
Ah, fuck, I'm just going to stay out of it. What else can I do? D'X

Anyway, ilu gaiiiz~ I hope you're all doin' well.

Feb. 28th, 2010

miz yellow

o 3o ...

ONE day, I will do a real entry again. ONE day. But for now, here are the major updates of my life:

- borrowed L4D2 from Foamy-- IT IS EXTREME. I love everyone. The zombies are fantastic. This game is great. I have no idea what's going on at any given time.
- currently borrowing the first God of War game from Viper-- SO MUCH BOOBS. o _o SOOO MUCH BOOOOBS. And gore. Cool monsters.
- bought Lost Planet, because it's Capcom and the second one is going to release presumably soon and it's really fun, I just need to get better at it...
- my DnD commission is going along awesomely. Art class... eh, so-so. I'm happy with what I'm doing, in any case.
- Robyn asked Berlin on Friday if she was bisexual, and after much skirting around the subject, she refused to answer the question. Good? Bad? TRAP STRAIGHT GIRLS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. D'8
- our plans for prom include: going to prom. With glowsticks. Making fun of everyone's dresses. Leaving before everyone else. Going to laser tag still in dresses. Kicking ass. And then who knows? The theme of prom is "Las Vegas," weirdly enough. [I, er, ordered my dress recently, too. Thoughts? o///o I'm not used to feeling like a girly-girl.]
- I've been walking a lot. I want to get into shape again. I mean, I haven't been rising out of the sea like a kaiju or anything because of sudden weight gain, but I liked being fit. You sleep better when you're fit, also, I believe.
- I've been keeping insane hours on the weekends. I also feel bad because I skipped sort of a mutual friend's birthday on Saturday... but it would've meant I was choosing that over going shopping with Berlin or going to Egg's cookout... I didn't want to choose one over the other two, you know? :/
- go read Pixel Poppers. GO READ IT NOW Go read it tomorrow, he updates on Mondays~
- I feel as if I should be more excited about the new Alice in Wonderland movie that's coming up-- I did a whole big post on it a looong time ago. But, honestly, the trailers look a little... strange. Hey, whatever, the Book of Eli is coming to our local theater soon and I'm excited.
- I've fallen back in with some of my older music roots-- like Say Anything, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, etc.... it's strange, but I like it.
- Dylan's newfound texting abilities will cause me to go broke very, very soon.
- after having a small breakdown concerning what I'm going to do with my life after I graduate, I've come to the realization that I can deal, college isn't going anywhere, and I will be able to manage my life successfully, I just need to take it a step at a time, calm down, and not panic about it. Yes. I'm not alone in these choices and problems, and I've got to remember that.
- rewatching FLCL is both liberating and kind of damaging. XD Certainly reminded me why I love the pillows like all hell. It also makes me want a Vespa and a habit of misleading younger boys.
- I hate being a bad LJ friend and not commenting you cool internet peeps 'n whatnot. D': Forgive meeee.
- preparing to do a big switch of icons and maybe a new layout thing for my journal at some point in the new future. And maybe then making it FO. I NEED TO LEARN CSS DAMMIT

Feb. 22nd, 2010



- very much over my cold, doing well
- going to reserve a copy of SoulSilver tomorrow [HOLYSHIT I AM IN A POKIMANZ MOOD LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN]
- listening, joyfully, to the Mirror's Edge OST
- feeling very artistic and creativeish
- I feel like my technical skill is struggling to keep up with creativity? I NEED TO GET MY LINES SO MUCH SMOOTHER AAAAAGH
- weather was nice for a few days, now is the pits, I don't care
- I'm actually very much on top of my schoolwork, and it's a nice feeling
- has anyone heard of Durarara!?
- greatly desiring the Spirited Away OST
- got my dress for prom picked out, intending to buy the tickets soon
- been walking for exercise a lot of late, in an effort to slim down a bit in time for prom [insane? yes. trying anyway? hell yes]
- finished Mirror's Edge, looking forward to downloading the Epilogue of Prince of Persia, yumyum <3, then has plans to finish Assassin's Creed, + DMC4 on the 360, for posterity's sake
- has icons, but is too lazy to upload immediately
- actually doing pretty damn well
- ilu guys <3 ; _;

Feb. 18th, 2010


Fffffff... ffff... ... f... ... *dead*

Head cold. So much school work... <- two banes of life right now

Errrgh. I want to play Nier, but it's not out yet... no one knows anything about Enslaved anymore... I have plans to pick up Lost Planet... games are taking up so much of my very limited brainspace... @ _@;;
But it's less painful than French, so I don't care... ugh, fuck you direct/indirct pronouns and your orders and hyphens and special verbs, fuck you...

My commission for Cap'n Lappy is going along really well... I draw efficiently while I'm sick? I don't understand you, consciousness...

Turns out the giant chocolate kiss I got for Valentine's Day was from Anduru, in all likelihood. I don't understand him-- if he had the money to get that for me, shouldn't he have given it to his boyfriend? My logical brain is confused! D': and my emotional one is a wee bit disappointed it wasn't Berlin

I'm soooo lonely... and doped up on Benadryl... ugh, I'd better go to sleep before it kicks in all the way and I fall asleep at the computer... I'm so pathetic, I have no tolerance even for weak medicines.

I miss you people. ; _; ~


-slurps Arizona tea-



UPDATE: My mother just brought me a plate of hard-boiled egg, lettuce, and baby corn arranged to look like Wall-E. Best mother ever? I think so. FUCK WHY DIDN'T I TAKE A PICTURE BEFORE I ATE IT GHHH I'M SUCH A PIG

Feb. 12th, 2010


Happy Olympics day...? [I heard someone died D: ]

Sorry for not updating in a bit, but I've really had nothing to talk about... I've been around, nerding out on The Big Bang Theory and having fun with friends... pretty much the regular stuff. I'm getting better at Assassin's Creed, and I mean to go back to Mirror's Edge, but I can never seem to find the time...
School's going alright. I'm keeping on top of all my classes, and passing French. That's about all I can ask for at this point! XD;;

So early Valentine's Day gifts were delivered at school today, too... I was expecting, well, nothing, but someone gave me a huge Hershey's kiss. o _o;;
It's unsettling, but I think... I think Berlin may have sent it to me. She does her little "teehee i be fibbin'" giggle whenever I ask her and she says no... We plan to share it on Sunday, since we'll be spending it together while we're in VA, 'babysitting' Anduru while he spends time with his boyfriend. The plan is to be bitter, watch Zombieland, and eat a lot of chocolate.
Oh, and also, she has told her mother our plans to go to prom as a couple so we can get cheaper tickets.
DDDDDD': thisgirliskillingmeeee
My conscious and common sense sounds like Admiral Ackbar when it comes to Berlin: "DON'T! IT'S A TRAP!!"
I hung out with her today after school. We watched NCIS, went out for Subway, and played Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. She was Nightcrawler, and I was Ms. Marvel. I want to do fanaaaaart <3 XD

Anyway, number one anxious thing right now: we were supposed to turn in $80 today at school and our orders for all the graduation shit... like cap and gown, tassels, announcement cards, crap like that. I turned the packet over to my mom, but we didn't get together to talk about it in time, and I left the house without it...
But, if memory serves, the guy said that you could send in the packet outside of school, as long as you didn't wait too long to do it... I'm hoping, anyway. Otherwise, I might be a little bit screwed...

So, yeah. Things are going pretty well. It seems like there's so much personal stuff I want to do, and not enough time to do it...

Anyway, it's my bestie Kai's birthday tomorrow... we've been having a slew of Disney-related thoughts and comments, so I'm planning to do our portraits as Disney princesses... Lame? Yes. Do I have anything better? No.
I think the part of summer I'm looking forward to the most is her visit. XD

Speaking of summer, I'm ready for the weather to not suck.
It's supposed to snow tonight...

I'm also going to make a push for high speed internet at home. I've got four internet classes, the school is a bitch about blocking all the sites I need to go to, and I think it could help me in a lot of different ways.

I had kind of a sucky day, but it's ended alright. :]

Hope everyone else is doing okay! You guys are the best~

Feb. 9th, 2010


Writer's Block: Wake up and smell the coffee

Given the choice, would you rather sleep in or eat a delicious breakfast? Is there any food you love so much that you'd wake up at dawn or travel a great distance just to eat it?


[Can you tell I'm not doing anything with my life?]

Feb. 5th, 2010


"Hm... you got a trick up your sleeve." "SHADDAP D:<"

Wasp sting getting worse. Most of hand red, hot and swollen. Too much information? Yes. But I want to bitch about it.

I've always totally overreacted to any kind of bug bite, but this is weird and creepy and even though it's cool getting to joke about having a Devil Bringer, it's painful and sore and fat. D: And it's my right hand, so lots of things become inconvenient. I've put some antihistamine stuff on it, and keep it under a bag of frozen peas when it's not in use, but nothing's happening other than the surface becoming calf-leather soft and it feeling hotter when I remove it from under the peas.

Get better, stupid hand! I want to get to work on my DnD commissions! D'<
[I has info and references and an email and I'm like "oooooh mah stahs 'n gahterz"
o wo;;

Besides that, I feel kind of queasy and... wandery... I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with a cold, because I've got all the little "it's coming!" symptoms, plus more fatigue than usual... but I've got the weekend to get over it, or just beat it away with a stick.

Urgh. I feel like I'm falling to pieces. Good news is that's it's Friday, so I'm just going to sleep in tomorrow, drink lots of fluids, and try and find things to do that don't involve my limbs. Which will probably just be OD'ing on TBBT, Season 1, that Viper so kindly loaned me. After school, I BS'd the rest of my French and Art Appreciation work, and we hung out, listened to Doctor Who techno remixes, and got delicious Subway. And watched a lot of Season 2 TBBT. We both know the intro song by heart... I don't even know how that happened. XD;;

I realized how much I like spending time with Viper. She's very positive. Not to say everyone else isn't, but Anduru and Berlin are currently spatting with Berlin's mom, who is terrifying in her own way. And how the hell can I help with that? I can't. So I just stay away. WHICH SUCKS BECAUSE THEY'RE TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLLLLE
Man, here's a little chip of suck: my father heard about my mutant hand, and was like "take off that ring before it swells up around it, blarblarblar" But I don't want to, because it's the ring that Berlin gave me for Christmas, and it's... special to meeee. D': I feel naked and unbalanced without it on.

In other news, the weather here sucks. It's raining and winding like a bitch out there. D: I had to drive home in it, and it was no big deal, but I realized my night vision on the road in the rain is like a bad dream. Nothing makes sense!

Anyway, bum hand or not, iluuuu ~ <3 ; n;

Feb. 4th, 2010

miz yellow

Quick update, because I'm *sure* you're curious...

I am or have been:

- remembering that school blows
- loving being able to sort of get around in French III
- oh mah gawd Kai is getting a PS3, there are plans to buy and send her Infamous for her birthday
- wanting high speed internet
- thinking about joining ConceptArt.Org, but am really, really scared of it
- possibly new phone? new plan? GAH I DON'T KNOW
- pining for Bayonetta OST
- stung by a wasp this morning, have no idea what the world is coming to [because of the gimp right hand, friends proclaim me to be Nero. Considering this entails straddling Dante, totally shagging Kyrie, and interacting in some way with Gloria, I am not opposed]
- deciding that Altair walks like a chick [I am getting pretty damn efficient with that knuckle blade]
- getting ready to start on my D&D commission for the Cap'n!
- discovering food and I no longer get along well
- getting "cap and gown" pictures tomorrow
- realizing that playing Bayonetta, alas, is not like riding a bicycle, and that your skills do degrade if you leave it alone
- needing a new sketchbook, terribly
- holy shit there was snow here last weekend, more predicted for this weekend
- planning to spend Valentine's Day watching Zombieland with Berlin [DDDD': <3]
- getting extremely fucking pissed about the ads here on LJ destroying Safari and forcing me to force quit and restart and GAH SOMETHING DIE ALREADY
- loving you guys

I feel so busy but I'm not really, someone needs to let me use their computer mic so I can record French and not get sucky grades on speaking assignments, I think I need to take a nap before I come down with the sickness. [DUNDUN-DUNUNU *geetar squeel*]

O: <3

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